The Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Disposal in a Pit near Japan

Lucian Mândrea Viorel Bădescu Ionuț Cristian Voicu

Abstract The research purpose is to present the possibility to deposit the carbon dioxide clathrate at the ocean bottom near Japan. As it is well known, a big amount of CO2 is produced nowadays, with a very damaging influence on the climate. These effects can already be seen all around the world. A possible solution to get rid of the CO2 surpluses is to liquefy it, transform it into carbon dioxide clathrate and send it through pipes at very low levels into the oceans or seas, where its density is bigger than the salted ocean water density. Theoretical ideas are presented at the beginning. An analytical method is used to calculate the carbon dioxide clathrate pressure at the exit of the pipe and also the pressure at a certain depth into the ocean. Because the carbon dioxide clathrate density and the sea water density are variable at different depths, an integral calculus must be done. The authors also calculated the flow rate through the pipes and the time needed to deposit the clathrate at the bottom of the ocean. The volume of the pit is also determined. A particular calculus is made in the case of the Ryukyu pit near Japan. It has steep slopes and the depth reaches around 8000 meters. The location was chosen because, in the case of Japan, high amounts of CO2 are produced. Hurricanes cross this country. Therefore, we suppose that large interest can appear for such a solution to change the climate even locally. Depending on the previous parameters, one can analyze the opportunity for the practical deposition of the carbon dioxide clathrate in the respective pit with a further economical calculus. The calculus which uses the prices in Japan can estimate the cost to liquefy the CO2 and to send it to the bottom of the ocean as well as compare it with other methods to reduce the CO2 quantity in the atmosphere.

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